Wednesdays 12-12:45 pm


Meditate With Ease…A Mantra Practice

Pause, Breathe and Be. A simple mantra-based meditation practice which brings about peace of mind, cultivates greater self-awareness, and allows practitioners to move about their days actively calm yet calmly active.This class will help promote emotional, spiritual, and physical alignment to help live with greater peace, purpose, presence and appreciation. Set to soothing music/tones, this seated Mantra Meditation class flows through 3 stages of practice: Relaxation, Concentration and Expansion.

  • RELAXATION: we begin with a check-in...noticing breath and heart beat. Next is a simple breathing exercise to Calm the Mind, which is followed by a Body Scan to Relax the Body.

  • CONCENTRATION: we introduce a mantra (repeating sound or word(s) to focus the mind.

  • EXPANSION: we let go of all the prior techniques and emphasize opening up to become a silent witness to all that is present.

Location: Hallowed Ground, Marina Del Rey

114 Washington Boulevard Suite B

Marina del Rey CA 90292

Last Saturday of the Month, 9-10 am


What is Sport Yoga Flow? It’s a fusion of Sport Functionality (HIIT) and Hatha Yoga. In this class you’ll get dynamic warm-up, stability, mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance, strength, power and peace of mind. Each class finishes with 5-10 minutes of meditation.

Location: Santa Monica Beach

Lifeguard Tower 26

2600 Barnard Way (just south of Ocean Park Blvd)

Santa Monica, CA 90405

*We meet out on the beach just North of Lifeguard Tower 26

To find date of next class and sign-up/RSVP, go to adambrewer.com/events

Mon/Wed/Fri:  6 & 7 am


Bootcamp Connect (formerly known as Westside Adventure Boot Camp) is a four-week outdoor fitness program at the beach in Santa Monica, CA.

Bootcamp Connect is the bootcamp workout for anyone who has ever wanted to try one but been afraid to do so. I call it the Anti-Bootcamp Bootcamp. You’ll work hard and see results but in a nurturing, supportive and encouraging environment. We create camaraderie not competition. There are no whistles, no barking orders, no drill sergeant, no judgement.

In BC you will CONNECT to…Body, Mind, Soul, Breath, Nature and Community.

BC utilizes the revolutionary Mindful Fitness Flow system, a holistic integration of full body circuit training, yoga, and mindfulness.

Location: Santa Monica Beach

2600 Barnard Way

Santa Monica, CA 90405

We meet at Lifeguard Tower 26 (just South of Ocean Park Blvd)


See Schedule Below


This workout is H.I.I.T. (High Intensity, Interval Training). The class rotates through a series of 10 resistance stations, targeting all the major muscle groups. Every resistance interval is two-minutes long with a change in weight after the first minute. Resistance stations are immediately followed by a two minute interval on the treadmill. This is repeated until all 10 stations are completed. An abdominal routine rounds out the final 5-10 minutes of class. Resistance stations change daily. At Circuit Works we believe in the idea of training smarter, not harder. That’s why we use a color-coded Heart Rate monitoring system to keep you in your target fat burning zone that is most appropriate for reaching your specific goals and and is based on your current fitness level.

My Schedule:

  • Tues 7 pm

  • Wed 7 & 8:10 pm

  • Fri 5:45 & 7 pm

Location: Circuit Works

2005 Main St.

Santa Monica, CA 90405



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