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I’ve created a NEW cutting-edge version of my practice, what I call 3-Minute Meditations. They are for beginners or folks short on time. They are super-short, super-simple, uncomplicated guided meditations and visualizations. With these breakthrough methods, you'll be well on your way to getting all the benefits of meditation while sitting about 1/10th of the time of other programs. 3-Minute Meditations is guaranteed to lead you to incredible results if you practice daily. And the best part is it only takes 180 seconds a day!


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In this 4-week online course we will dive deep into theory and practice of Adam Michael Brewer's “Meditate With Ease” formula which utilizes an ancient Mantra Meditation technique that has been passed down from one teacher to the next over the course of thousands of years The end goal for this MWE is to provide you with a simple, doable formula for seated, self-led meditation, that will have you sitting daily for 20+ minutes of meditation with ease and enjoyment.                                                                                 $199

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